Providing valuable benefits to retailers in various stages of their accelerated growth plans.

Bluestone STP has access to a pipeline of premier “off-market” properties often overlooked by corporate real estate personnel or “broker-driven” models. We have the ability to ramp up expansion with minimal capital outlay for additional internal resources or soft costs. Not only can we maximize capital efficiencies through the elimination of significant investment in real estate lease execution to store opening, but we can identify and negotiate economic incentives with local municipalities to offset certain extraordinary development costs.

“Bluestone thoughtfully designed our Chicago market development plan and has delivered some of the highest volume and most profitable stores in the Thorntons’ chain. I will be forever grateful to Rick and his team.”

Former Thorntons Inc. Chairmain/CEO

“Bluestone was instrumental in the revitalization of one of our most prominent corners in the Village. Bluestone was involved in all aspects of the development, from community outreach and concept planning to organizing the groundbreaking ceremony with our IL state representative. We hope to work with them again in the future.” 

Mayor of the Village of Posen